Gulf-Asia Shari’ah Compliant Investments Association (GASCIA) is a non-profit Association registered with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore, established in February 2012 with the objective to facilitate and promote the awareness and understanding of Islamic Finance and encourage Islamic Finance market participants, particularly from the Gulf and Asia.


The members of GASCIA, together with its Patron and Advisors together comprise professionals and leaders with in-depth knowledge of the industry and years of practical experience. Through GASCIA's members and its network of partners, GASCIA is able to offer assistance to Islamic Finance players and enthusiasts in all types of initiatives relating to Islamic Finance, including assistance and cooperation in:


1. Islamic Finance and Shari'ah formal education and training for Islamic Finance Professionals and Shari'ah Scholars.

2. Structuring and Documentation Advice for Islamic Finance Deals and Structures, such as Islamic REITs and other financing structures.

3. Shari'ah Compliant Business Conversions, Compliance and Monitoring, and establishment of Shari'ah Boards and Committees and appointment of Shari'ah Advisers.

4. Accounting for Islamic Finance Deals and Structures.

5. Shari'ah Compliant Investments.

6. Sourcing Investors for Shari'ah compliant projects and Investment opportunities.

7. Cross-border Islamic Finance structures.

8. Research on Islamic Finance and Development of new and improved Shari'ah compliant Financial products.


GASCIA aims to facilitate Islamic Financial activity, and act as a “one-stop-shop” for Islamic Financial services

and solutions, working with suitable partners to uplift and enhance the Islamic Finance Industry.

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